Carly articulates the nature of the individual through the intuitive analysis of their written word.  


Ever passionate about the spectrum of personal expression, Carly Boyer has been studying Intuitive Handwriting Analysis since she was 11, turning it into a professional practice in 2004.  Through years of experience, Carly's developed a unique and memorable approach for revealing the hidden meaning between the lines of your notebook.  Carly's lasting motivation to offer her service has always been the satisfaction of helping clients to better love and accept themselves.  

In 2007, Carly published a Handwriting Analysis notebook with Red Horseshoe Paper, available internationally.  She's also worked for such clients as @Large Films, Wieden + Kennedy, Icon Tattoo, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and Sword + Fern.  Carly has offered Handwriting Analysis at Cargo Inc., the Alberta Street Fair, People’s Co-op, Reading Frenzy, Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, Northwest Magic Conference, Wanderlust Circus, Eugene Saturday Market and PDX Fly Awake.  Carly has taught Handwriting Analysis workshops at Clarysage Herbarium, The Northwest Magic Conference and W+K in Portland.  

Carly has studied Herbalism for the past 13 years, attending three programs in Oregon.  The Columbines School of Botanical Studies (2oo6), The Arctos School of Botanical Studies (2007) and The School of Forest Medicine (2010).  This education of herbal medicine has empowered Carly's therapeutic response, as she often recommends custom herbal formulas for clients and friends.  You can find her self published herbalism guide book, "Urban Herbs" at Keven Craft Rituals, The Kiva Grocery, Down to Earth Distributors Inc., and Clarysage Herbarium.

Her other passions include garden design, writing and photography.  

Carly is truly a master of her craft.
— Adam P.