Handwriting is the written manifestation of personality. With each letter, we relate our unique stories.  

With a foundation of traditional graphology (Slant, Pressure, Baseline, Zones, etc.) and an intuitive understanding of the alphabet, my practice is about unlocking the code of shapes and symbols that mirror the deep knowing from within.  

Readings focus on areas of interest and are tailored towards building authentic self awareness and personal empowerment.

With Intuitive Handwriting Analysis, you can:

  • Focus life goals
  • See patterns with clarity and compassion
  • Clarify strengths and gifts
  • Expand personal empowerment
  • Open mind to new solutions
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Restore authenticity
  • Address communication styles
  • Articulate effective boundaries
  • Build self-worth
  • Take ownership for healing
  • Expand known personal resources

I've been studying and practicing  Intuitive Handwriting Analysis since I was a child. Over the years, I've worked with countless humans and loved every second of it. See what some of them have to say. 


Ready to see what your handwriting has to say?